Selby Summer Postal Competition 2018 - Results

Good news, I have just received the results for this summer’s postal league competition.  For those of you who may be wondering what this is, I will explain.  For each of the 5 summer month a short metric round is shot at each club and the 3 archers with the highest scores in the club form the team.  The team score is sent to the national organiser for the competition who records all the results.  The competition is against other clubs in the country and we were placed in Division 5 of the 20 divisions in the competition.  There are 6 teams in each division.  Over the summer we won 3 matches and lost 2, but we scored very well.  We finished second in our division with a total aggregate points score for the competition of 8215.  Looking at the final results table for all 20 divisions, this aggregate score was the 18th highest scored of the 180 teams in the competition.  Should we enter the competition again next summer we could be promoted into division 3.          

Well done to all those of you who submitted your scores.